15 Oct 2014
Prime Commercial Take On MS

Prime Commercial are ready to take on the Sydney to Gong charity ride to raise funds for Multiple

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Property Management

Owning a Commercial/Industrial property is a fantastic avenue in which to receive an income stream but managing it yourself can be complicated, time consuming and very costly if not done correctly.

Prime Commercial ensures that you can enjoy the income without the worry of invoicing, critical dates, tenant issues, organising repairs and maintenance schedules and everything in between. But we don’t stop at just managing your property. Prime Commercial endeavours to add value to your property portfolio by focusing on three key principles:

Maximising your Income

We review your property’s income sources and offer solutions to improve and increase this income. Analysing the rental income and the rent review structures within the lease is important however we also look outside the square to other possibilities such as vacant space, foyer retail, naming and signage rights, potential for billboard advertising, IT and telecommunications plus more.
Minimising your Expenditure

In order to reduce your expenditure we ensure that any works and maintenance to your property are competitively priced and completed by reputable licensed contractors and also look at ways to reduce the day-to-day running costs of your property.
Lease Coordination

We ensure that all critical dates such as rent reviews and expiry dates are adhered to and ensure that if the property becomes vacant we work towards minimising the vacancy period.

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